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PHOTOS 2004:

Santa brought our son a Nintendo Game Cube for Christmas. Santa brought a game for Mom too.

Decorating the tree.

Making gingerbread houses.

Our daughter's first trip to the pumpkin patch.

When we opened our pumpkins, the seeds had already sprouted inside.

Carving Pumpkins.

Ready for Trick-or-Treating.

In mid October, the kids had a week off school, Mike took a few days off work, and the whole family went to Disneyland for 3 days to celebrate Mike's and our daughter's birthdays. Grandma Loralee and Grandpa Larry came up for all 3 days. Grandma Karen and Grandpa Jerry came up for one day.

There was a big rain storm coming through this week. We watched a lot of clouds and rain out the window as we celebrated our daughter's birthday.

The next day was beautiful. Look at the snow on the mountains.

So we enjoyed a beautiful day

Our youngest daughter is crawling all over.

In October, Grandpa Larry, Grandpa Jerry, Mike, our son, and our daughter went to the Miramar Airshow. We saw lots of planes, including the Blue Angles.
Inside a huge C-5 transport Web seats In a KC-135 tanker flight deck Next to a B-52 bomber wheel In a helicopter In a helicopter Grandpa Larry and a Grandpa Jerry and s Our seats Watching the Blue Angeles

More pictures of my new retaining wall. See below for the footing. Here we're building up the wall with tan colored, split face (meaning rough faced) cinder blocks. Marni's mom, Loralee, is the expert, but I learned fast and layed lots of blocks too.
Larry Mike and s Larry and Loralee Loralee

Family pictures after Our daughter's baptism
Marni holding j, Mike holding a, and s Back:Larry, Loralee, Marni, Mike, Karen, Jerry...Front:j, s, a

Dad Posing while our daughter takes a picture
Posing in Our daughter's room

Our daughter lost another tooth
Top right front is missing

Our daughter's cool hairdo
Lots of braids

Our son and daughter's first day of school
Walking to school

Here are some more pictures of our youngest. She's 6 months old now, eating baby food, and rolling over.
sitting with dad s holding s feeding a holding Smiles Smiles a holding a feeding Dad holding Rolling After bath First feeding First feeding Messy face

I'm is building a new retaining wall in the back yard to hold up the hill. First we pulled out the old wall that was made of railroad ties and 2x12's.Then we dug a hole for the footing. We rented a 1-yard concrete trailer to pour the concrete for the footing. Then we built the wall using rough-face tan colored cinder blocks.
digging digging digging the mixer is loud mixer finishing pouring finishing hauling pouring finished footing finished footing

More photos of our youngest, 2 and 3 months old in these pictures
a holding s holding With s With Grandma Lori Reading stories Crazy hair Surprise with Mom a gives a bath a gives a bath sleeping with Mom

Swimming in Grandma Lori and Grandpa Larry's pool with Uncle Scott and Aunt Jenny's dogs.
swimming swimming swimming swimming swimming dogs

July 4th with the Grandparents and Mike's Aunt Janet. We played games in the Costco parking lot, waiting for the Legoland fireworks show.
Games Games j Firworks hair band

In June we went to the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf convention in Anneheim. Marni's parents came to help us take care of the new baby while Mike and Marni were in their seminars. The older kids went to a great program with lots of field trips and fun games.
Loaded up to go Face painting Face painting Checking in the kids Kids games

Our daughter's new do...
Hair do

Our kids found a catepillar. See it on their shirts?
catepillar catepillar

Our daughter's graduation from CCHAT, her auditory pre-school
Class at the sea mural present for Suzi present for Suzi present for Suzi ceremony ceremony ceremony

Our son's 1st grade class at their end of year party
Our son's class

Here are Our daughter's 5 week old pictures. She is starting to smile!
portrait with teddy rocking with Dad sleeping smiling

Storytime is BUSY at the Blakely house.
reading stories

Our youngest daughter was born on April 18th at 9:00am.She weighed 8 lbs, 14 ounces and was 19 and 1/2 inches long.

Mom and baby both did great. The whole thing only took 6 hours from start to finish.It went so fast, Marni ran out of time to get an epidural, so she just went without, WOW!We had our close friend and dula Nance Hoban there for the birth. She was a source of peace and courage for Marni.
With Mom With Mom With Mom With Dad With Dad With Dad With Dad With Nancy With Nancy With Marni's Parents, Larry and Loralee With Marni's brother, Scott With Marni's sister in-law, Jennie With Grandma Lori With Mike's Parents, Jerry and Karen With Mike's Parents, Jerry and Karen With Jerry With Jerry With Jerry

For Easter this year we went to Grandma Karen and Grandpa Jerry's house. We had an egg hunt in Grandpa BEAUTIFUL garden,where all the flowers were blooming. The Easter Bunny brought candy and gifts this year. Marni's was very pregnant, her due date was 5 days away, so she relaxed. A couple days before Easter the kids dyed eggs.
dyeing eggs dyeing eggs dyeing eggs dyeing eggs Marni is very pregnant Marni is very pregnant Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt Grandpa Jerry's garden Grandpa Jerry's garden Grandpa Jerry's garden s and a s uses a bow to become a ninja a shows off her bows

In late 2003, at the fundraiserfor Our daughter's school, Mike's parents, Jerry and Karen, bid on a "dinner at a firehouse" prize, andthey won! We all went down to Spring Valley to the fire house fordinner. The firemen gave us a tour of the building, pulled out the pumperand let the kids squirt the hoses, pulled out the ladder truck and put upthe 110 foot ladder, then climbed up on top of the firehouse roof, and afterall that, they fed us spaghetti dinner. All 6 of us had a great time!! .
s drives the firetruck Pumper controls Pumper truck Getting the hose ready s sprays the hose s sprays the hose s sprays the hose a sprays the hose a sprays the hose Putting the hose away Putting up the ladder Putting up the ladder Putting up the ladder Putting up the ladder Climbing the ladder Climbing the ladder Climbing the ladder Waving from the roof of the firestation Climbing down Stowing the ladder Stowing the ladder Picture with the firefighters

Our son is playing little league baseball again this year. He is in rookies and his team is the Rangers.
Teammates Goofing around Allstar!

Our son lost another tooth. I think we've lost count how many this is.
Tounge in groove

Our daughter's school does dance on Wednesday mornings. She loves to wear her tutu.
Dance Dance Toes

Our daughter's class spent a week at school learning about astonauts, rockets, and space. She made an astronaut costume with overalls, boots, belt, oxygen backpack, beanie, and helmet. We played astronaut at home for several days.
Boots Beanie Oxygen backpack Helmet

Our kids are getting real good at rollerblading. See the videos section for a video of a rollerblading
a Together Helping a close s close s s

Sometimes after we put the kids in bed, our daughter will sneak into Our son's room so he can read her a story
s reads to a s reads to a

Pregnant mommies nap a lot.
Kitty cats nap a lot too.
Cat sleeping on Marni Cat sleeping on Marni

Our son and Our daughter's Aunt Jennie and Uncle Scott own to standard poodles. a adopted the black one, Fortue, and s adopted the apricot one, Chance.
Kids and dogs Kids and dogs

Our son and his friend building with Legos after a sleepover
s and Blake with Legos

With our 3rd baby on the way, we moved a wall and a closet to make Our daughter's room and the Baby's room the same size.We had to move everything out of Our daughter's room, so she lived in the family room for a while. Grandpa Larry (Marni's dad)did the framing, moulding, wainscoat, and the electrical. Grandma Lori (Marni's mom) did the drywall, wallpaper, and the paint.They also put in new ceiling fans and closet organizers.
Our daughter's stuff in the family room Our daughter's stuff in the family room moving the wall Larry in jail moving the closet drywall drywall hanger ceiling fan Our daughter's closet Our daughter's bed Our daughter's dresser Baby's wallpaper Baby's fan Baby's closet Baby's curtain Baby's crib

Our daughter lost her first tooth. We have a purple pouch we use so the tooth doesn't get lost under the pillow.The Tooth Fairy can find the tooth much easier that way.
Pushed out by the big ones Here's my tooth I put it in my purple pouch Close it up tight And put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy Good night Good morning Open the pouch Four Quarters!!! Daddy shows off my gap

Our son turned 7 in January 2004. He had a small party with his friend.
Decorations Cake Opening a card Hugging Grandpa Larry GI Joe GI Joe's jeep Thanks a ... kiss Marni is pregnant ...and beautiful The kids Blowing out the candle Mom, don't do that!