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PHOTOS 2007:

Click here for the complete set of 142 Forest Home pictures in high resolution

Click here for the complete set of 199 Plaster Wars pictures in high resolution

Mom and Dad gave Marni and I a hot air balloon ride for my birthday.

Beautiful house, yard, tennis court, and SAND VOLLEYBALL COURT! I could live here!.

The famous Chino's farm provides fresh produces to the finest restaurants in town

All the hills in the background are burned from the October wildfires. The hillside in the center in the sunlight is the closest it came to our house.

Putting up the Christmas tree

Pumpkin Patch

Plaster Wars
One of the other cub scout pack dads is a serious rocket hobbyist. He invited us to Plaster Wars, an annual 3-day event where rocket clubs and hobbyists from all over California, Arizona, and Nevada meet in the desert to launch high powered rockets. Click here for the complete set of 199 Plaster Wars pictures in high resolution. We brought chairs, lunch, binoculars, and enjoyed the show. Rockets went up every few seconds throughout the afternoon.

Later in the day, they launched this 10+ foot Star Wars Y-Wing fighter.

And later still, they launched this 26 foot Star Wars X-Wing fighter. As you can see, the flight was amazing but short.

Our daughter pushed her thumb through a crack in her bathtub, making a 2 inch hole. That led to a full bathroom remodel for the kids including a new tub, sink, tile floor, and paint. It looks good! Thanks to Marniís parents for doing most of the work and teaching us how to do the rest.

First day of school

We went to summer camp for a week at Forest Home with several other familes from our church. Grandma and Grandpa Blakely came up for a couple days too.
I took the girls kayaking on the lake.

Dad and our son swimming in the lake.

The kayaks seem to ride low in the back.

Massive multi-family water balloon fight. Note mom's smug satisfaction as she nails her oldest son.

Make a "T" for bug spray.

The little kids sang for all the parents on Friday.

The Blakely's plus two other families makes 13 people together in this house for the week.

Our cat's better side

Kid shots

Look at that bed head!!!

Our youngest daughter's 3rd Birthday.

The next day, I looked at the leftover cake, and all the frosting was gone!!

I hid behind the curtain and staked out the cake and here is what I saw.

Our son planting the rose bush he received from great-grandpa and great-grandma Blakely

Grandma Karen's beach and field photos of the kids