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PHOTOS 2005:

Buying our Christmas tree

Our daughter put her first ornament on the tree

Our daughter put on the angel with some help from Dad

Our daughter plays peek-a-boo in her Mickey Mouse Christmas hat

Our daughter played arena soccer this fall

Our son played flag football

Mike and Marni went to Mike's cousin Kelly's wedding in Palm springs. These are from the breakfast at Kelly's house the next day.The first shot is Marni, Mike's cousing Lisa, and Lisa's husband Paul louging by the pool

Mike's brother Peter and his girlfriend Marla

Mike's Uncle Rex with Kelly's dog Lola

Mike's Mom and Dad (Karen and Jerry) with Peter and Marla

Our daughter reads a Garfield comic book. I think our cat likes Garfield too.

We finally have a baby who will wear a hat for more than 5 secons

Our son's cub scout pack built model rockets and had a launch one November morning.

One of the Dads belongs to a rocketry club. Here is one of the other members with a BIG rocket!

Our son's rocket is the big one, and Dad's is the tiny one

This is how we usually found Dad's rocket (it didn't have a parachute)

Our son's cub scout pack went on a fall campout.

Some of the other Dad's REALLY like to cook.All these pots hold a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.Working from right to left there's a turkey pot, muffin oven, green bean pot, potato pot, and another turkey pot.

Mike and Our son's campsite

We went to the pumpkin patch, found pumpkins, and carved Jack-O-Lanterns

Our daughter dressed as Little Red Riding Hood

We went camping in late summer on Mount Laguna. We hiked up Stonewall Peak.

Our daughter didn't really want to take a nap in our tent trailer

These are panoramas from on top of Stonewall Peak. It was a beautiful day with great visibility. You could see mountain after mountain going off in the distance. Both shots are the same, but the left one is small and the right one is big.

Our kid's first day of school

These are a bunch of pictures from late summer. Our daughter likes to help Mom and Dad with chores, and she likes to make a mess!

We took the family to Iowa this year to see Mike's Grandma and Grandpa Blakely. It was Our daughter's first plane ride.

We spent a few days seeing the sights in Chicago. The Museum of Science and Industry had a big exhibit on frams, including huge combines and tractors for the kids to play in.

There was also a sailing ship exhibit.

Visiting with Granma and Grandpa

Kids sleeping crazy in the basement. The room was pitch dark until the flash went off.

We visited several farms where we saw day old pigs, kittens, horses, and multes.

Our daughter had her first ice cream cone with Grandma and Grandpa and another with Aunt Nancy.

Mike's mountain of dirt. This came from behind the new retaining wall and from the lawn we ripped out.

These flowers grew from a 3 inch cutting.

Our daughter discovers a box of tissue.

Our daughter at the playground after some of the big rains.

Our daughter eating.

Our daughter sleeping.

Our daughter is asleep, but she's ready to go with robe on, slippers in hand, and lots of lip gloss.

We spent a long weekend in Palm Springs with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Jerry. We took the kids to the discovery museum where they could paint cars and animals, play in a store, pretend to ride a police motorcycle, and take apart computers.

Outside, a ladybug landed on Our son's nose.

We took the tram up Mount San Jacinto. There was over 6 feet of snow on top.

The Blakely ladies in their Easter dresses and hats.

Our daughter had her first Birthday in April.

Marni took the kids camping in Death Valley in March. Marni's parents were camping there along with Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy. With the year's record rainfall it was really green.

Our little tent trailer amongst the BIG trailers

Larry and Joe pitch horseshoes

Joe and our daughter

Marni had her Birthday in March.

For Our son's 8th birthday, his Grandpa Larry gave him a ride in a locomotive. The train runs on a track out in Campo, which is South East of San Diego, very near the Mexican border. All the grandparents came along. Dad and s rode in the locomotive, and everyone else rode in the passenger cars. Our son got to blow the horn and talk to the engineers.

Look closely in the passenger car and you can see Grandpa Jerry, Grandma Loralee, Marni, and the girls.

Our son's 8th Birthday party.