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PHOTOS 2009:

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Preschool graduation

Colorado River Canoe Trip with the Boy Scouts
Grandma and Grandpa gave our son a new backpacking tent for Christmas

Cooking lunch on day 1

Camp after our first day canoeing

A beautiful morning on day 2 turned into a cloudy afternoon with sprinkles

Day 3 - Wake Up!!

This is an old Route 66 bridge

Day 3 was the BEST. Sunny, warm, and only a light breeze.
I-40 crossing the Colorado River

My son caught this desert horned lizard on the big sand dune above

Our lunch spot on day 3 had a beautiful panoramic view

Day 4 was just a short paddle across Lake a 20+ mile per hour wind with whitecaps on the lake!

Band Rehearsal

My New Hat

Indian Costume

A Day at the park

My son rock climbing at the indoor rock climbing gym

Rocket Launching Campout with the Boy Scouts

Sunday morning they had a motorcycle race with over 100 racers starting at 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 am.