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PHOTOS 2008:

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Christmas morning

Christmas pagent

Getting the tree

Family hike at the wind caves near Borrego Springs



My son and I go backpacking with his Boy Scout troop to the windcaves
We hiked through a deep valley called Split Mountain, then camped at caves carved in sandstone by the wind. The caves are on a hill overing a fabulous view of the desert.

First day of school

Camping trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia
There's bears, so all food and stuff that smells goes in the brown metal bear box.

The bark on this tree smells like vanilla. It doesn't taste like vanilla though.

Kings River

Zumwalt meadow

North Dome, the face is over 3,000 feet high

Roaring River Falls

Grizzly Falls

Views of Kings Canyon and Kings River as we drive out

Inside a fallen sequoia tree

The roots are huge


It's not obvious from above, but this is the worlds largest sequoia grove

The General Sherman is the largest tree in the world (by volume)

Hiking down to Crystal Cave

LOOK! This tree is trying to EAT this boulder!

This group of trees is called the Senate Group. Standing in the middle, you can't see anything else, and looking up is dizzying.

Marni's incredible camp-site pizza, fresh from the dutch oven

Family trip to the tide pools at Swamis beach.

Look at all those muscles (mine and the marine type).


Shotting guns

Marni's bus. Yes, she really drives that thing!

Marni spilled the flour

Our daughter playing with her brother's Nintendo

...while Daddy naps.

Marni made this awsome Miss Spider birthday cake for our youngest daugher's birthday

Our family trip to Texas to visit all our cousins at Easter.

The Blue Bell dairy

The Houston zoo (our friend is a curator there)
The piranah tank

The groundhog exhibit