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On Memorial Day weekend, 2006, our church took 350 people to Tijuana to build houses.We had people from age 9 to 70+ on the trip.We split into groups of 12-21 people and built 23 houses.The trip was organized with Amor Ministries who have been building houses in Tijuana for 21 years.Our house was for Ofelia and her family.The house is small, 12 feet by 24 feet, but is has a concrete foundation, solid walls, and a roof that doesn't leak.

If you have Google Earth on your computer, here are the placemarks for the campsite and the build site.

The Amor campground
The build site

Building the House

When we arrived at the site, we found a concrete foundation and lots of materials.

Sifting sand for the stucco

Framing walls

Making felt covered nails to hold up the tar paper.

Puting on the first roof

Our awesome foreman, Steve Renner!

Another roof

More hard work.

Hanging the front door

Inside and outside before stucco


A relaxing lunch in the house after we finished working

Ofelia (middle) and her family in front of the stuccoed house

Ofelia's family and our team

A prayer and some gifts (curtains and a picture of the team)

Ofelia with the key to her new house


Our tents at the camp site

The bus ride from the campground to the build site

The other team on our bus was a group of high school students.

Our campsite is just past the trees in this rural valley.

Siesta time

It took 10 buses plus some vans and RVs to get everyone to the job site

In the middle you can see a green soccer field surrounded by red walls.There were two fields in the valley in the middle of the neighborhood.


Our son playing soccer with the family and the neighbors.Note another team working on a house just up the street

Gabby (left) has family that lives across the street from Ofelia. He grew up in Oceanside, but has lived in Tijuana for the last 6 months.He sawed tons of wood for us the first day.